Our Staff

AZKwoon-068Here at the Hung Fa Kwoon of Arizona our friendly and approachable staff’s goal is to make your martial arts journey a very enjoyable and positive experience. The staff and students check their ego at the door and regardless if you are brand new to the martial arts or an experienced practitioner you will find there is something to learn for everyone here. In fact some of our current members had already reached black belt, Instructor and even school owner level in other martial art styles before ever setting foot in our door. We pride ourselves on our ability to work at the individual student’s level taking the care and patience to ensure that the lessons learned will stick for a lifetime.

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Our Facility

DSC02581Our Kwoon (training hall) is conveniently located in Tempe at the Pollack Royal Palms Cinema Plaza and positioned well to serve the valleys communities, students come from afar afield as Avondale, North Phoenix, Scottsdale and all the east valley cities . We occupy a 2000 sq ft fully air conditioned space with an additional outside area at the rear of the building, great for training or social activities, Arizona weather permitting. Regular classes are held 6 days a week Monday through Saturday mornings with additional workshops held on the weekends at least once a month.

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Something for everyone

DSC03826 copyIf you are looking to learn an effective close quarter fighting system with a 300+ year history and culture, improve your health, fitness and well-being; teach your kids the skills and values to excel in their lives or just find a fun and exciting way to socialize and meet new people we have a program for you.
So if it’s you or one of your family member’s first dabble at trying out the martial arts or you already have experience but would like to try something different, come in to take advantage of our “No Obligation” FREE Trial and remember “even the longest journeys start with a single step”.

Why the business name “Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun of Arizona”?

Rather than name the business after a person, “Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun of Arizona” was chosen to honor the primary martial art taught at the Kwoon. The name Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun Kuen literally translates as “Red Flower Righteous Praise Spring Fist” and was the name given to the art by one of the Hung Fa Yi Lineage holders, “Hung Gun Bui” a leader of the Red Bandana Boxer Society in the mid 1800’s.

Wing Chun Kung Fu, is a Chinese close quarter combat system which traces its origins back several hundred years ago to the overthrow of China’s Ming Dynasty by the invading Manchurians who formed the Qing Dynasty. This event helped generate a collective effort by a group of Shaolin warrior monks and military officers loyal to the Ming Dynasty with the purpose of developing a fighting system that could be learnt quickly and effectively in order to combat the invading Qing forces. AZKwoon-038The result of these combined efforts is the Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun Kung Fu System that is taught at our school today. Our goal at Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun of Arizona is to preserve and pass on this unique branch of the Wing Chun system in its entirety with nothing added or subtracted as our ancestors intended.