Hung Fa Yi Official Rankings

Blue Sash Sui Nim Tau Level

This is the first sash that a new student joining HFY would wear.  The color blue symbolizes Taam Lou (Seeking the Way).   Also, Laam Dang (Blue Lanterns) were hung as outside symbols of the Secret Societies gathering and training grounds.  There are three different requirement levels under the blue sash.

Green Sash Chum Kiu Level

The second sash which is green is presented after successful completion of the first three HFY levels.  The color green symbolizes the Gong Wu (Martial Arts World).  The phrase Luk Lam Ho Han, used at this level, refers to two things. The first is the green forest described by the words Luk Lam. The Luk Lam is a poetic phrase to describe the martial arts world. Ho Han means righteous man, meaning you are known as being righteous. Once you enter the secret society, you also enter the martial arts world. This level also represents that you have some form of martial arts skill since you are at Chum Kiu. There are three different levels and requirements as this green sash level.

Black Sash Bui Ji Level

The third sash which is black is presented after successful completion of the first six HFY levels.  The color black symbolizes the “Rising Sun”. Black is used to represent this because at the time in China that the Qing were in control and they considered these dark times.  The symbol for Ming is the same as that for brightness.  By saying that they are waiting on the sun to rise they mean that they want the Ming to be restored to power.  From a martial arts point of view you are waiting to become a martial arts expert.  There are three different requirement levels under the black sash.

Red Sash Wooden Dummy and Weapons Level

The color red symbolizes a Ying Hung (Hero).  This means that you have made contributions to the martial arts.  The bandana that the first Emperor of the Ming Dynasty wore when he won the last battle that put him into power was red.  This is the highest level.  There are three different requirement levels under the red sash.

Wooden Dummy

At this stage you are a hero and have earned your place as a high leader.

Doa – HFY Butterfly Swords

At this level you are supposed to possess the warrior spirit. The fighters who posses this skill are called Seung Fa Hung Gwan (Double Flower Red Pole)

Gwan – HFY Pole

At this level you’ve done everything you can in this world and now go back to Shaolin to carry on the Shaolin spirit. A spear goes through the gate but enters as a pole.  This is because they have had no spears within the temple because of Buddhist influence.