The Hung Fa Kwoon offers a variety of programs for adults interested in martial arts & fitness.

HFY Wing Chun

Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun Kung Fu Classes in Tempe, AZHung Fa Yi (HFY) students learn the concepts and principles of this branch of Wing Chun Kung Fu with a 300 plus year history. This Chinese martial art allows for a person of smaller, weaker stature to overcome a larger, stronger adversary. HFY training gives the practitioner options of efficiency based on scientific principles of Gravity, Time, Space and Energy. Sifu Mark Jones structures HFY classes so that all students receive instruction which challenges them at their own level. Younger, older, smaller, larger, male, female…you can do it, join us!

Hung Fa Yi

Five Rings Aikido

Five Rings Aikido Classes in Tempe, AZ -  instructed by Jim Clark SenseiThis Japanese Martial Art involves blending with motion of the attacker and re-directing the attack rather than facing it head on.

Students of Aikido follow a traditional warm-up, stretching, rolling and then the class technical focus point is explained and then practiced in pairs.

Aikido at the Hung Fa Kwoon is taught by Jim Clark Sensei , join him for a balance of demonstration, explanation and lots of practice twice a week!

Five Rings Aikido

AUC Krav Maga

Arizona Urban Combatives (AUC) Krav Maga & Self Defense Classes in Tempe, AZ The Arizona Urban Combatives (AUC) Krav Maga classes are currently held twice weekly and AUC workshops are held periodically throughout the year on Saturdays. Krav Maga is the official self-defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces. AUC’s lead instructor, Sgt. Gene Potocki (Retired) has a wealth of experience in military combat, as a martial arts practitioner and as an instructor of self-defense for personal safety. Join Gene for fast-paced Krav class at any fitness and experience level for practical & simple techniques for the street.

AUC Krav Maga & Self Defense

Fitness & Wellness

Fitness & Wellness Classes in Tempe, ArizonaA variety of adult group fitness and wellness classes are available on a rotating basis, currently held as 8 to 16 week programs with drop-ins welcome. Focus areas are Low-impact Fitness, Cardio, Wellness Coaching in Connectivity, Mindfulness & Nutrition. Customized group sessions as well as private contracts are also available. Check our Schedule and Events for latest Fitness & Wellness offerings available at the Hung Fa Kwoon of Arizona.

Fitness & Wellness

Check out our workshops & community events as well!

The Hung Fa Kwoon of Arizona hosts various martial arts, self-defense, fitness and wellness events & workshops throughout the year.