Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun

Hung Fa Yi - Adult Kung Fu Classes in Tempe, Arizona

Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun is a unique close quarter Chinese martial art that relies on the use of concept and principle over physical strength to overcome an adversary. It has a 300 plus year history that started with the struggle for the restoration of the Ming Dynasty in China. Today millions of practitioners in many countries around the world study this effective combat system for self-defense and health alike.

Hung Fa Yi of Arizona’s classes engage adult and teen students in understanding the principles of economy of motion to achieve maximum efficiency in a combat situation. While adult students of Hung Fa Yi improve their skill and fitness through regular training, they are also able to apply the scientific principles of Gravity, Time, Space and Energy for self-defense. In other words, the Hung Fa Yi martial artist uses the integration of these principles both intellectually and kinesthetically to respond in combat, rather than relying on speed or strength. This allows for a person of smaller, weaker stature to overcome larger, stronger adversary.

Women welcome at our Adult Kung Fu Classes in Tempe, AZIn a typical 1 ½ hour class structure the first 30 minutes begins with form practice for warm up and focus (to wake up the mind and body) before commencing with the basic drilling exercises. These basic drills consist of various footwork and hand / foot striking combinations utilizing a variety of targets and pads that employ the specific body alignments and structures used in Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun. Adhering to the Wing Chun principle of maximum efficiency this portion of the class is designed to be fast paced to build the students fitness level whilst developing their martial attributes and Wing Chun body karma at the same time. Students are also welcome to arrive early to warm up and supplement their fitness / strength training according to their personal preference.

After the warm ups and basic drills are completed the main focus of the remaining 60 minutes of class is then put into context from a system viewpoint to help the student better understand the bigger picture. This is followed by more solo drills to build specific body mechanics or partner-focused drills depending upon the individual’s level of skill. Classes are structured so that each student’s skill is honed and developed through a 4 level training process consisting of solo drills, fixed time-frame drills, reaction time-frame drills and finally skill challenge drills to build confidence and expertise in each and every part of the system. The Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun concepts and principles as well as the Kung Fu culture, history and philosophy are fully integrated into the training sessions.