Shaolin 5 Animals

shaolin-dragonDragon (Luung)

The Dragon is associated with developing the mind and spirit, it utilizes flexible and graceful body movements. Arched backs, twisting body postures and side horse stances are characteristic of the Dragon style.

shaolin-tigerTiger (Fu)

The movements of the Tiger are purely reactive, its actions are not premeditated, when confronted the Tiger leaps to the attack with simple, direct and aggressive techniques for a quick resolution to the conflict. Emphasis is placed on training bone strength and power is generated through strong shoulders and waist.

shaolin-leopardLeopard (Paau)

The Leopard style is associated with bravery and ferocity and incorporates power and speed with quick penetrating strikes. It requires strength that comes from the development of a strong waist and legs.

shaolin-snakeSnake (Se)

Snake style focuses on the cultivation of ‘Chi’ and uses rapid darting precision strikes with the hands that are delivered to the opponent’s vital areas. Flexibility and elasticity with diagonal and swaying movements for both deception and attack are also characteristic of the Snake style.

shaolin-craneCrane (Hok)

The Crane style trains the sinews and incorporates graceful, fast and sweeping motions it develops good balance and power is generated through the waist and arms combined. It consists of deflecting, jabbing, hooking and poking techniques that often target vital areas. Crane does not fight head on it is a blocking and counter attack system utilizing evasive footwork and quick changes in direction to confuse and frustrate the enemy.